Zion National Park Tour

Harleys Coming Out of Zion © D. Becze

Zion is an ancient Hebrew word meaning “place of refuge” or “sanctuary”. When you see the National Park, you’ll understand why its name was chosen. Located in Southwestern Utah, Zion is full of breathtaking natural wonder and beauty.

Cruise through the deep red Navajo sandstone canyon, carved out by the Virgin River over millions of years. Towering cliffs, jutting mesas, and bright, colorful rock formations tower above you as you drive through the incredible setting. Even today Nature continues to change and alter the sandstone, further enhancing its beauty.

Weeping Rock, the Three Patriarchs, and Checkerboard Mesa are just three of the many spectacular rock formations to be seen. Watch in awe as deer graze just feet from the road in front of you, while the sound of the river whispers behind you.

Continue on to some of the most amazing hairpin switchbacks you will ever find, with steep winding slopes leading you to incredible views overlooking the canyon below. Gently leading you high above the canyon floor, the switchbacks take you to the mouth of 1.1 mile-long Zion-Mt. Carmel Tunnel carved into the massive sandstone cliffs. Windows carved into the thick walls allow glimpses of sunlight and beauty to penetrate the darkness of the tunnel.

You can do this tour in about a 10 hour day, leaving from Las Vegas and returning the same day. This gives you ample time to cruise through park, experience the beauty, and take some pictures if you’d like.

If you are able, stay the night to allow for more exploration time, on foot or your bike, all at your own pace. This enables you the freedom to take advantage of the many amenities the park offers, including world-famous hiking trails for all levels of experience, and shopping at the nearby town of Springdale.

Summer months get crazy busy, so plan for traffic. During this time parts of the park will only be accessible by hopping on a shuttle, which is a fun experience in itself. 

Zion National Park, Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours © D. Becze

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