Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours

Touring Vegas and the Surrounding Area

Because we all love a great ride, we wanted to share some areas around Las Vegas that are great to venture out on and explore. The area is rich with history, and beautiful to boot. Most of these can be done in a day, unless otherwise noted. And, we include insider tips that will help make your ride more enjoyable. 

Red Rock Canyon Tour

A tour of Red Rock offers spectacular sights, fun, and a little bit of Nevada history, all from a motorcycle....

Living Ghost Town Tour 

Aimed at seeing some of the fun and unique living ghost towns and mining towns that make up a large part of the Southwest’s history. Tour an abandoned gold mine, see a high-noon shoot-out or two, feed a wild burro!

Extraterrestrial Highway and Area 51
 For the adventurous. A long, lonely stretch of road leads past the controversial Area 51, the famous “Black Mailbox”, and a small restaurant in Rachel, Nevada, whose owners will tell you first hand stories of aliens that have walked among us! This fun tour will let you investigate the rumors for yourself....

Dam Train Tour 

Explore Hoover Dam, take a train ride, and see big horn sheep up close for an awesome adventure....

Zion National Park Tour Cruise through the deep red sandstone canyon of Zion National Park. Bright, colorful rock formations surround you as you experience the raw beauty of Nature, at its most amazing....

Death Valley Tour Death Valley has long been associated with danger and mystique. The name alone congers up images recreated in movies and has inspired songs. Multiple television shows have been made about it....

Red Rock and Valley of Fire Tour
  Red Rock Canyon and Valley of Fire are two of Vegas' most beautiful sights, and this one day motocycle tour is the perfect way to see them…. 

Multi-Day Tours

Gunslinger Tour 

Tombstone, AZ, Las Cruses, NM, Las Vegas, NM, Winslow, AZ, and Belmont, AZ. The Gunslinger Tour is the ultimate adventure in revisiting the historic Old Wild West before it was tamed. Rich with history, the American Wild West boasts famous and infamous alike, including Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Billy the Kid, and Jesse James.

Grand Canyon Tour  Head from Las Vegas, Nevada to two natural wonders…and one man-made. Zion National Park, Grand Canyon National Park, and the Hoover Dam are the three main attractions of this tour....

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