The “Bullethole” Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours D. Becze

This is the Official Gunslinger Tour Scout T-Shirt.

The “Bullethole” Long-Sleeve T Shirt. Keeps your headphone wire inside your shirt and out of your face! Simply feed your headphone wire into the “bullet hole” on the chest, out the bottom, and into your music player or two-way radio! Embroidered with “Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours, LLC, Las Vegas, NV”. 100% cotton. Just Arrived!

The "Bullethole" is a strategically placed button hole allowing you to thread your iPod cord through it when riding, but is unnoticeable when not in use. Ingenious, don't you think?!

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours D. Becze

100% Preshrunk Cotton. Comfortable, and offers protection from the elements.


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