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I was traveling down the highway at 75 MPH when this can of tire sealant in my saddle bag blew up. The temperature in the Mojave Desert at the time was reaching 108 degrees. Let me tell ya, when this can blew, it felt like a grenade going off. It really rocked the Harley! Not knowing what happened, at first I thought there had been a major mechanical failure.

When the can exploded it destroyed the plastic liner on my saddle bag lid and covered everything, and I mean everything, in a coat of rubber.

When I returned home I spent three hours cleaning this rubbery mess up. During this time I thought about bikers who carry these cans of sealant in a back pack. I would definitely caution on doing this. Look at the picture of the can...could you imagine what this would do to a person?

Riding Tips © D. Becze

Riding tips for practicing in a parking lot
after a long winter lay-off from riding...

Practicing in a parking lot before hitting the congested city streets or tackling twisties at high speeds, is one of the smartest rules a biker can follow. Lapses in riding, like during a long cold winter, can make anyone a little rusty, furthering the need for practice.

Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours’ philosophy is, and will always be, safety first…We always want to be able to do the customary wave to our fellow bikers! Even the most experienced biker benefits from honing up on their skills every now and then, so we offer a few riding tips and suggestions:

Find an open area, such as an empty parking lot, so you’ll have a relaxed atmosphere without the worry of traffic. Cones found at your local sporting goods store work great for guides, as they can be repositioned for a variety of practice situations. Experiment with spacing as you improve your skills.

Here we’ll demonstrate Lean Limitations, as it is one of the most difficult to master.

Riding Tips © D. Becze

Make sure you sit straight up in the saddle. Look where you want to go.

The right foot is on the rear brake. Using the back break allows the front to tire pivot around, resembling a pendulum on a clock, allowing for a tight smooth turn. Notice the right hand is not on the front brake. If the front brake is applied in a turn, the lean vector will be towards the ground, which is not good because the practice will then go from turns to picking up an 800 lb. bike!

The left hand is applying partial clutch, while the right hand is using just enough throttle to keep the bike going.

Riding Tips © D. Becze

Keep looking where you want to go…

Riding Tips © D. Becze

Maintain posture as you drag the footboard…

Riding Tips © D. Becze

Look at the spot for your next turn…

Riding Tips © D. Becze

Keep looking!

Practicing these techniques will deepen your riding skills and give you more confidence to learn your own limits.

Have fun and ride safe!

Tar Repair on Roads - Riding Tip #2

Tar on Road © D. Becze

Temperature is approximately 90 degrees.

When summer approaches it brings some hidden challenges to riders. Tar repair on roads are one such challenge. During the fall, winter, and spring cooler temperatures prevail and allow the tar to harden and we never give it a second thought. However, during the summer with the hotter temperatures the tar becomes very gooey and unstable.

A motorcyclist must use great caution when riding on these types of roads, especially when making turns. When making turns slow down so that the center of gravity remains on the vertical axis of the bike as much as possible. One can only imagine what HOT tar would feel like when ground in an open road rash wound.

Tar on Road © D. Becze

Tar on Road © D. Becze

Be careful and ride safe and we at Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours hope to see everyone on the road.

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