Red Rock Canyon Tour

Red Rock Canyon© D. Becze

Red Rock Canyon

A tour of Red Rock Canyon is great for those with a limited schedule, who want to see some of Vegas’ best sights away from the Strip, in a short amount of time. It's only about 20 miles from the Strip, and it offers spectacular scenery and a little bit of Nevada history.

Red Rock Canyon is a breathtaking 197,000 acre conservation area of beautiful sandstone formations. It is rich with wildlife including big horn sheep, wild burrows, and bobcats…but the amazing scenery is what you’ll remember.

Thirteen Mile Loop Drive offers miles of pure twisting roads, with several overlooks showcasing the beauty of Red Rock Canyon. It has exceptional views of the layers of red sandstone and grey limestone thrusting out of the rock in spectacular displays. Called “Red Rock” by locals, this is a must see when coming to Vegas!

Spring Mountain State Park

Just a few short minutes from Red Rock is a beautiful state park with open grass fields, two lakes, and a ranch house once owned by Howard Hughes. Beautiful cliffs of the Wilson Range make an amazing backdrop, surrounding this 520 acre park. 

In the 1830’s the area was a favorite hangout for outlaws who were involved in horse stealing and Indian slave trading. Many unsuspecting wagon caravans traveled by the ranch and often became raid victims of the outlaws.

Over time, the ranch passed through several colorful owners and was used for variety of purposes, including cattle ranching, raising chinchilla, and a boy’s camp. Today the park is a favorite retreat from the Vegas heat, as it is usually 10-15 degrees cooler than the Vegas Valley.

Cruise through the park and enjoy its beauty…maybe take a tour around the grounds. Explore the Main Ranch House, the Blacksmith’s Shop, the Wilson Family Cemetery, the Sandstone Cabin, and the Chinchilla Shed…all of which are historical sites.

This tour is beautiful and serene. Bring your camera for some amazing shots of sights away from the neon glow of Vegas.

Spring Mt. Ranch  © D. Becze

Things to know ahead of time:

Call ahead for park hours and fees, as they vary during different times of the year. 

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