Portable iPod Holster

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For those of you looking for an alternative to a hard-mounted music holder, the “Gunslinger Portable Holster” offers amazing versatility, enabling you to take your music from your motorcycle, to your car, to just about anywhere you can think of.

The holder is the same as the original Gunslinger Holster, we’ve just added an amazing new mount that is extremely portable, has memory retention, and is virtually indestructible. We’ve tested it with our Tour Scouts (as we do all our products) and have found an amazing variety of places to use it!

Never be without your music again! Also for the iPhone. Order one that fits your type of iPod player, with a horizontal (for horizontal bars) or vertical (for vertical bars) mount.

Here is a stress test we performed on the portable mount. Unbelievably strong...!

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours © D. Becze

That's 90 lbs hanging from the Mount and Hardware.

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours © D. Becze

What else, for the price of $29.99, can withstand this type of test?

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours © D. Becze

The Mount after 30 minute Stress Test...Unbelievable!

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours © D. Becze

The Portable Mount will fit any 1" to 1 1/2" handlebar.

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours © D. Becze

Take your Holster from your bike to your iron cage!

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours © D. Becze

Place your Holster on your visor. Vertical Mount option shown.

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours © D. Becze

Then take the Holster to your man powered bike for that needed exercise! Vertical Mount option shown.

Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours™, LLC guarantees all structural components of our Holsters. We do not guarantee decorative coating or personal devises used with our products. We are not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of our product. The use of any music, and/or playing device while driving is at your own risk. Patent Pending.

Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours, LLC is in no way associated or affiliated with Apple Inc., and uses their name with no intention of infringement on their trademark, but only as a benefit to the registered owner. iPod Shuffle, Nano, Classic, Touch, and iPhone are all registered trademarks of Apple, Inc.

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