Motorcycle Lock Box "Saddle Safe™"

These motorcycle lock boxes are heavy duty, and install with no tools! Doubles as a lock box for your valuables, while also securing your saddle bag to your bike. $249.00 Limited quantity.


Keep your valuables safe!

­­No extra tools or equipment needed! Lock the box, and go! Great for securing your valuables, GPS, iPods, or personal protection devices.

This will also satisfy the concealed personal protection device state laws in most states because your device would be locked and not readily available. Verify with your state law.

Lock box features:

· Custom Made of High-Quality Polished Aluminum

· Measures 7” x 6” x 2.5”

· Rubber lined

· Designed to fit shape of saddle bags and take up only a small amount of space

· Counter-Sunk Aircraft Rivets - No Pop-Rivets

· Works with All HD FLH Touring Models Saddle Bags and Hard Cases

· Uses Existing Quick-Release Stud - No Tools or Extra Equipment Needed to Install

· Secures with Lock and Key

· Prevents Saddle bag from being stolen (quick- release stud is housed inside the locked box, blocking all access to it)

· Positioned in Saddle Bag to Keep Lock Box Detection at a Minimum

· Hand Crafted, Professionally Built

· Built as Tough as a Jet Aircraft — See Stress Test Pictures below!

· Made in the U.S.A

For the stress test we placed over 1,000 pounds on two 1.4 pound lock boxes. The results? No damage whatsoever! Now that's tough American ingenuity!

We put all of our lock boxes to the test!

Saddle Safe after stress test.

We are not affiliated with Harley Davidson in any way. These fit Harley's, they are not made by them.

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