Grand Canyon National Park/
Zion National Park/Hoover Dam Tour

Grand Canyon

Pure, amazing, breath-taking beauty.        

Experience two natural wonders…and one man-made. Zion National Park, Grand Canyon , and the Hoover Dam are the three main attractions...but you will see much more.


Towering cliffs, jutting mesas, and bright, colorful rock formations tower above you as you drive through the incredible Zion National Park. Cruise through the deep red Navajo sandstone which was carved out by the Virgin River over millions of years, forming the amazing Zion Canyon.

Weeping Rock, the Three Patriarchs, and Checkerboard Mesa are just three of the many spectacular rock formations to be seen. Watch in awe as deer graze just feet from the road in front of you, with the gentle sound of the river running behind you…

Continue on to some of the most amazing switchbacks you will ever find, with steep winding slopes leading you to incredible views which overlook the canyon below. Gently leading you high above the canyon floor, the switchbacks take you to the mouth of 1.1 mile-long Zion Mt. Carmel Tunnel carved into the massive sandstone cliffs. Windows carved into the thick walls allow glimpses of sunlight and beauty to penetrate the darkness of the tunnel.

Grand Canyon

Known worldwide for its awe-inspiring beauty, it has some of the most beautiful scenery the United States has to offer. At 277 miles long and thousands of feet deep, the immenseness of the Grand Canyon is breath-taking.

The canyon was formed by ever-changing forces of nature over millions of years. At 300 feet wide and 100 feet deep, the Colorado River cuts through the middle of the canyon and was one of the major contributors to shaping the canyon. The layers of beautiful rock that make up the canyon walls are a wonderful geological record of North America’s history. Some of the oldest rocks on Earth lay on the bottom of the canyon floor!

The low rumble of your bike sounds off the canyon as you travel along its graceful roads. Seeing the majestic beauty of the Grand Canyon from the saddle of a motorcycle is truly an unforgettable experience.

The Hoover Dam

Located on the border of Nevada and Arizona. Completed in 1936, with enough concrete to build a sidewalk around the Earth’s equator, the dam is an engineering marvel. With incredible views, the dam is a perfect ending to this amazing tour.

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