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Our Frequently Asked Questions page will probably answer any questions you may have. However, if you still have a question please proceed to our Contact Us page and submit your question. We will promptly reply with an answer to your question.

Does Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours Offer custom tours?

Yes! We want our tours to be fun for everyone and if you have an idea for something new, let us know. We are open to suggestions and ideas you may have for a custom ride. Email us with your ideas, dates, and number expected in your party.

Does Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours offer Group Discounts?

Yes! We offer great group discounts.

How it works:

1. Review the tours and find one that fits your interests, abilities, and budget.

2. Use the “buy now” button to pay for your tour; print, sign and return your waiver; fill out and submit your reservation form. We then contact you to confirm your tour dates.

3. Book your motorcycle rental. (We can assist you with your rental with one of the many motorcycle rental businesses in Las Vegas.)

4. We will send you your tour information and instructions.

5. Have fun and enjoy your ride!

What’s Included:

An experienced Tour Scout, hotels/sleeping accommodations during your tour on multi-day tours, tolls and park entrance fees if applicable, a Gunslinger T-shirt.

Please note: We book hotel accommodations for your actual tour while away from Vegas. You are responsible for any nights before your tour departure and upon your return.

What’s Not Included:

Motorcycle rentals, gasoline, meals (except the Welcome Dinner on the first night on stated tours), incidentals, hotels before and after your tour.

Rental Requirements For most motorcycle rental businesses:

1. Be 25 years of age or older
2. Have a valid motorcycle operator's license
3. Must possess the skills, knowledge, and ability to operate a heavyweight motorcycle
4. Have a major credit card
5. A $1000 deposit is required

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

No refunds if tour is cancelled within 35 days of tour date. A 15% processing fee will be charged if cancelled before 35 days of tour.


You will purchase insurance through the motorcycle dealership, with your rental.

Where will I stay?

Different tours offer different accommodations. These range from hotels to rustic cabins, appropriate for each tour.

We will arrange all accommodations during the multi-day tours for actual nights you are on the tour.

Can I use my own bike?

Yes, but we highly recommend you have it serviced before your tour, including verifying tread on your tires to complete the tour.

What kind of abilities and experience should I have as a rider?

We want everyone to have fun, but first and foremost we want everyone safe. You should be able to handle a motorcycle in inclement weather and all kinds of riding conditions, with confidence. You may also consider taking a motorcycle safety course to learn proper maneuvering and rules of the road.

Is there a chase vehicle?

We try and offer rustic tours with the feel of the old west, and part of the way to achieve this is by packing your saddle bags and riding out on your iron horse. We feel a chase vehicle would take away from this effect.

What Should I Wear?

Weather can be unpredictable, so wearing layers has proven to be the best. Summers can be hot in many of our tour areas but long sleeves are recommended for sun protection. Winters can get chilly, so cold weather gear is definitely applicable. Check current weather conditions for the best indication. Boots are a must! Tennis shoes are not conducive to riding safely.

What should I expect the day of the ride?

When you pay for your tour in full we will give you detailed instructions about your tour so you know what to expect. The day of the tour, your scout will meet with you and give you an itinerary explaining where you will be headed each day.

What should I bring?

Pack light; bring only what you can fit on your bike. Some recommendations:

· Sunscreen

· Chapstick/lip balm

· Clothing appropriate for the current weather conditions (ie. gloves, leathers, etc.)

· A camera. There will be plenty of photo opportunities you won’t want to miss!

Do we ship international?

Yes, just send us an E-mail of the item you would like and an invoice through Goggle will be sent to you.

Does Gunslinger sell products to Nevada residents online?

No, at this time we do not offer our products to Nevada Residents through our online store. However, we do offer our products through the following approved retail stores:

Bike Shop -

BC Adventure Bicycles -

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