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"Favorites" are products that we at Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours in Vegas have come to use and trust. We will only review products we have used ourselves, which have held up to the rigors of a tour guide, and we are comfortable in recommending.

Favorites-Fox Creek Jacket and Gloves © D. Becze

Fox Creek Leather

Vented Reflector Jacket

Fox Creek Leather is a family owned business in Virginia, which makes leather riding apparel and products. We were asked by them to give a tough, honest review of their products, this one being for their Vented Reflector Jacket. We already own and use several of their products in our work environment, so we welcomed the chance to try out a new product.

The Vented Reflector Jacket arrived just in time for my overnight trip through the Mojave Desert. It was 108 degrees and mid-August- the perfect time to try out my new jacket. The reflective piping would be great for my night-time riding, and I was curious just how much air flow I would be getting under the full desert sun.

My initial thoughts were that the jacket is high quality, heavy, and looks great. The leather is thick but soft, the zippers and snaps are extremely heavy duty. As soon as the weight of the jacket dropped onto my shoulders I knew I was going to like wearing it. I own several Fox Creek products and have come to trust the quality. This was yet another home run. I was immediately happy with the coat and was anxious to try it out on my trip. With all the vents on the jacket open for maximum air flow, I set off on my trip.

Mid-way through my ride, in the full heat of the day, a heat-soaked can of tire sealant exploded in my saddle bag, and the percussion rocked my Harley. I was doing 75 on the highway. For a split second I wasn’t sure what had rocked my bike, but I did know I was glad I had this jacket on. It is heavy duty and high quality, so having this protective gear on gave me one less thing to worry about.

When I pulled over and discovered the burst can in my bag, I couldn’t believe it was hot enough to do this kind of damage, yet I was quite comfortable while riding. This is a thick jacket but I was highly impressed by how cool it had kept me. The vents had passed their test.

The zip-out Thinsulate liner and fleece neck warmer make this jacket versatile in all weather. I didn’t use them on this trip, but my other Fox Creek riding jacket has the same features, and I use them often in the winter. They enable you to layer according to how much warmth you want, so it’s like having several jackets in one.

The fit is true to size. This jacket fit me like a glove, and there was no “breaking in” of the leather to make it comfortable. The thickness of the leather offers protection you just don’t find with other brands, yet it is soft and pliable.

The reflective piping is a great safety feature and made me like the jacket even more. I do a lot of night riding and having the piping was enough to catch the eye, but not too much to detract from the look of the jacket.

There was nothing about this jacket I didn’t like. Fox Creek continues to impress me with the quality of their items, and this jacket was no exception.

Feel free to check out their products and let us know what you think!

Have a Favorite you want to recommend? We'd like to pass along great info and if you have some, let us know!

Amsoil Motorcycle Oil

We have tested several oil brands in our bikes and we found one brand that is far superior. Amsoil has proven to work well for us. Our bikes seem to run a lot cooler and smoother, which is very important in riding in the desert.

Favorites-Fox Creek Jacket,Gloves, and Chaps© D. Becze

Foxcreek Leather Chaps

Our latest FAVORITE product…Fox Creek Lined Chaps.

When the chaps arrived the first thing that impressed us was, as usual, the quality of the leather. It was heavy duty but supple and soft...a perfect combination. The leather quality and durability is what we have come to like best about Fox Creek products, and the leather chaps were no exception.

We pulled out our Harley chaps for a side-by-side comparison, and were surprised immediately at the obvious differences between the two. First, the Fox Creek buckle, zipper, grommets, and snaps were all heavy duty and much better quality.

Second, the Fox Creek chaps have a flap that runs the length of the outside zipper, giving protection from moisture and wind, which was a great feature. It was instantly apparent that the Fox Creek chaps were all the way around much higher quality.

Another big plus for the Fox Creek chaps was the quilted zip-out lining. We travel to some pretty cold places and the quilted lining was something we were happy to see, but the fact that we could easily remove them when we didn’t need as much warmth was very appealing. Being more versatile was a definite plus! They are easy to remove and can easily be folded and secured in saddlebags when not needed. This is a great feature.

The sizing seems to be accurate and true to measurements listed on the chart on their sight. If there is ever any question as to sizing, their friendly customer service reps are always happy to help. They are a small, family owned business, and they seem to really enjoy what they do, including assisting customers. Give them your measurements and they will help you determine the best size for you.

As for the negatives, we had to look hard, but to be fair want to mention them as well. One thing we noticed was the outside zipper runs the length of the leg to below the knee, where it is met by snaps. The zipper seems to get in the way of the top snap, making it a little awkward when trying to close it. The Harley chaps had a slightly better design in this area, keeping the zipper and snap out of each other’s way. Like we said, this is a very minor detail and in no way takes away from the overall excellent quality of the chaps.

As we’ve said before, we love everything we’ve tried so far from Fox Creek Leather. The high quality and craftsmanship alone are worth the price but add to it the lifetime guarantee and there just is no comparison. (How many companies offer a lifetime guarantee?!) We are continued to be amazed by the products they put out, and these chaps are no exception.

Have a Favorite you want to recommend? We'd like to pass along great info and if you have some, let us know!

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