Extraterrestrial Highway and Area 51

Extraterrestrial Highway  © D. Becze

Riding to the Extraterrestrial Highway / Area 51 is for the adventurous. This one day tour takes you outside Las Vegas, along the famous Extraterrestrial Highway. A long, lonely stretch of road, it leads past the controversial Area 51, the famous “Black Mailbox”, and a small restaurant in Rachel, Nevada, whose owners will tell you first hand stories of aliens that have walked among us! This fun tour will let you investigate the rumors for yourself!

Long-rumored to have mysterious activity with alien aircraft and beings, the Extraterrestrial Highway, or E.T. Highway, is a 98 mile-long stretch of highway pretty much in the middle of nowhere. Also called Highway 375, it was officially renamed in 1996, to match the long history of alien folklore surrounding it. Reported U.F.O. sightings and strange activity have sparked a following of believers and the curious alike.

The Extraterrestrial Highway leads directly past Area 51, an aircraft testing sight for the U.S. Military, which has also long been a source of speculation and mystery. The U.S. Government didn’t even officially acknowledge the area until recently, and even today it is not on most maps. Supposed former workers claim the site contains aliens and spaceships captured by the U.S. Government, including from the famous “Roswell Incident”.

Extremely high levels of security and secrecy have fueled further interest in the area. Surrounded by warning signs, hidden cameras, and armed security, the base is restricted for civilians and regular military personnel. Wandering into a restricted area will get you a large fine, probable imprisonment, and possibly death! These guys are serious!

You won’t get onto the base, but you may catch a glimpse of an unidentified flying object! There have been numerous reports of sightings, odd activity, and strange lights, most of which the Government denies.

Just outside the Area 51 turn-off sits a white mailbox, famously known as the “Black Mailbox”. As the story goes, it belongs to a local rancher but because of its close proximity to the entrance road, many believed it held confidential mail belonging to Area 51. Tired of tourists repeatedly rifling through his mail, the rancher affixed a second mailbox with the word “alien” written on it, so there would be no confusion. People from around the world have since left letters, money, and scraps of paper inside. The Black Mailbox has become a favorite spot for campouts by people hoping to see flying objects in the night’s sky.

Strangely enough, on one of our tours we found this cow carcass on the edge of the Extraterrestrial Highway and, being curious, had to stop for a look. Upon closer examination, we found whole parts of the body (most notably the entire head) to be missing, while other parts were almost entirely intact. We’ve all heard stories of animal mutilations being connected to aliens…could we have found something here? If nothing more, we at least got some interesting photos...

Not far down the road from the mailbox lies the Little A’Le’Inn Restaurant, in Rachel, Nevada. Have an alien burger and listen to stories from Pat, the owner, who is all too happy to tell the story of the day three aliens ate at her restaurant! This is a gathering spot for friendly locals, who enjoy sharing stories with the tourists.

Whether you are a believer or are just curious, this may be the tour for you. It is a lot of wide-open road, aimed at the adventure of possibility…

Little A'Le'Inn  © D. Becze

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