Death Valley Tour

Death Valley Sign  © D. Becze

Death Valley National Park

This is the stuff movies are made of! And books, and television shows, and songs…

Death Valley has long been associated with danger and mystique. The name alone congers up images recreated in movies and has inspired songs. Multiple television shows have been made about it…

In 1849 a group of gold seekers, on their way to California, ended up lost in the valley for several weeks. The group was forced to live off beef jerky made from their oxen, cooked over fires burned from the wood of their wagons. Only after abandoning the rest of the wagons were they able to hike out, nearly three months later. Despite popular belief, only one person from their group died but their ordeal gave the valley its famous name.

It is the lowest, driest, and hottest valley in the United States, and has an annual rainfall of only 1.5 inches. It set a record in 1913 for the hottest temperature in the Western Hemisphere at 134 degrees. At 282 feet below sea level Death Valley is the lowest elevation in North America.

Come see beautiful wildflowers in the spring, colorful canyons in the fall and snow-capped hills in winter. Summer? Well, even we aren’t crazy enough for that. Temperatures soar at around 120 degrees at the height of summer but the rest of the year makes for a comfortable ride.

…You’ve heard the stories, now experience it for yourself!

Death Valley  © D. Becze

Things to know before you go:

Plan, plan, plan!

Let's face it, part of the fun of riding is spontaneity, but this is not the tour for that. Plan ahead. Take the time to check the weather and prepare before you attempt this trip. Pack more water than you think you'll need, even in winter months, and sunscreen and sleeves are a must. You don't want to get caught on these roads without provisions. And pack a map! GPS is not always accurate out here, so don't rely only on it. 

And, we definitely don't suggest going on a motorcycle, in the summer months. 

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