Dam Train Tour

Hoover Dam

Just 20 minutes outside of Vegas is a small town big on amazing sights and history, and famous for it's National Historic Landmark, the tremendous Hoover Dam. 

Boulder City

Boulder City is filled with small restaurants, antique stores, and pubs, it's a relaxing place to visit. The locals are friendly, the shopping is fun, and the history is rich. The town is full of charm and things to see. 

Hoover Dam

Just minutes away from downtown Boulder City is the Hoover Dam. The breath-taking views from the top of the dam will astound you. Built from 1931-1936, it is the highest concrete dam in the Western Hemisphere, standing 725 feet above the beautiful Colorado River. Take a tour inside the dam to see the interior workings of this giant as you learn about its interesting history and record-setting size. Experiencing the dam will give you a sense of wonder at the amazing and marvelous feats man can achieve.

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Southern Nevada Railway

On the way into town stop and check out the historic rail line built by the Union Pacific Railroad in the 1930’s to bring in workers and supplies for the construction of the Hoover Dam. See the fully refurbished 1911 Pullman Coaches, and even take a train ride if you're up for it. 

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours  © D. Becze

Insider tip:  Stop at Hemenway Valley Park, a small neighborhood park which has become home to wild, big-horned sheep who wander down from the hills to graze in the sun. Get within feet (but not too close!) of these amazing, beautiful animals for some incredible photos. The park is 

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