Gunslinger Corporate Retreat

Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours  © D. Becze

The Gunslinger Corporate Retreat is designed to inspire your employees to set and achieve company goals. Teamwork is vital for success in any company, especially in these tough economic times. Riding an Iron Horse in a group setting is very challenging. It requires communication, trust, and planning to have a successful group tour. However, it offers a fun and rewarding way to build camaraderie amongst all participants in your company.

The retreat is based on the 8 day Gunslinger Excursion. The start of the tour will generally start in Las Vegas, Nevada. If this is an inconvenience for your company, Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours, LLC will make all the arrangements to start the tour at your location.

On the first day of the retreat we will have a welcome dinner provided by Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours, LLC. During the dinner we will introduce ourselves and discuss the objective of the retreat. We will then hand out one-of-a-kind long sleeve embroidered Gunslinger jerseys. A package will be given of the retreat's agenda.

On the tour the participants will experience some of the great historical points and scenery in the Southwest that made this Country great. This will allow time for deep thought of previous discussions and to reflect on solutions and comments for the next group discussions. Before and after the discussion groups, participants will have time to relax and take in the sights at the destination points.

Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours, LLC will reserve and pay for the hotel rooms and the welcome dinner. We will reserve motorcycles on the behalf of your company. We will also provide a support vehicle and a GPS tracking device for safety. We do plan on having everyone carry needed items in saddlebags on their Iron horses. We feel this is part of the planning and improvising to overcome adversities.

So, if you feel your company needs an inexpensive retreat to get your most valuable resources back on track, take a Gunslinger Corporate Retreat.

For your convenience, we have provided you with the helpful links below to find deals on travel and hotel reservations, and to help you find further information on the areas you’ll be seeing on your tour.

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