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Vegas Gunslinger Motorcycle Tours © D. Becze

Have a funny story about you and your motorcycle? How about when you learned to ride…or one of your friends on his bike? Maybe you’ve had an adventure that wasn’t funny at the time (to you anyway) but everyone laughs when your friends tell the story. We’re talking a real “Wild Hogs” moment…

(Okay, we have to confess here…the “Wild Hogs” comment was inspired by Chris. About an hour into his IBA ride, Willy and Waylon playing on his iPod in the darkness of the early morning, his windshield hit what he thought was the last remaining terradactyl somehow escaping extinction. It was actually a hawk, but when going 65 mph it looked much bigger and scarier! Twenty years as a pilot with no bird strikes…who would have figured he’d hit one while on the ground! He called home to give us his progress into his 16 hour ride, and all we could do was laugh at his reenactment of John Travolta’s character, Woody, hitting the crow in Wild Hogs!)

…Whatever your funny story is, send it in. We’ll pick our favorite and send the winner a listed prize! You’ll also win bragging rights by having your story posted on our website!

See the complete description of the Rebel Sunglasses on our Sunglasses / Goggles page.

Thanks, and we look forward to your stories!


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